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   Software Developer & Designer

 Angular | Java | Node | Graphics

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  • C++
  • Java
  • Angular
  • Database(Mysql, Mongo)
  • Node+Express
  • 3ds Max

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HI! I am a Software Developer and a Graphic Designer. Looking forward to creating a niche for myself !
Date of Birth - 2nd April, 1995
Marital Status - Single
Mobile - +91 9766110818
Languages - English, Hindi, Bengali
Facebook - rajorshi.gon
LinkedIn - linkedin.com/in/rajorshigon/

  • 2013 - Education
    Completed my secondary(93%) and senior secondary (84.2%) education from Centre Point School, Nagpur, India.
  • 2017 - Career
    Completed my graduation in Computer Science Engineering from YCCE, Nagpur securing the top rank and getting placed in a reputed MNC.
  • 2019 - Creative Field
    Started pursuing a course in Web Design from MAAC (Pune) along with freelancing in various domains like technology, design, oratory, event management etc.
  • 2020 - Current
    Currently working in the IT industry with U-next Learning as a principal engineer and freelancing in graphic design, with my newly acquired competencies !

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